Frequently Asked Questions

How similar in appearance is an Impact clock to the original factory clock?

In most cases, Impact’s clocks are absolutely identical in appearance, with all of the correct fonts, colors, spacing and placement of the numbers and marks, length and width of the hands, etc. Each of Impact’s clock face designs is created by capturing a high resolution image of an original factory clock from each model and then replicating that image down to the pixel.

In a few cases, we have to make a few modest design accommodations in order to make the clock affordable. However, for most of our clocks, only a concours judge would be able to spot the difference just by looking at one of our installed clocks from your driver seat.

If the front of the clock looks identical to the original, what does the back look like?

The back looks completely different. You will see a two inch square quartz clock mechanism along with a single AA battery. You will also see the holes for harness lights and where blue light diffusers/filters can be installed (in those clock models where the holes were used.) If you buy a battery harness (see below,) you will also see two wires leading from the battery holder on the back of the clock to a remote location where the working battery is placed for easier access.

If the back looks so different, does the clock (or the dash area where the clock will be mounted) need to be modified in any way to make the clock fit?

Not at all. Every Impact clock is meant to fit perfectly into their standard location in the dash with no modifications required. Simply use your existing screws and you are done.

How long will a single AA battery last?

One battery is expected to last one to two years.

If Impact’s clocks are powered by a single AA battery, are these legitimate quartz clocks?

Yes, every clock we sell is a quartz clock. Powering the clock via a AA battery versus a car harness has nothing to do with whether a clock mechanism is quartz or not. In fact, in many cases an Impact quartz clock provides more accurate time than an original factory clock that draws its power from the car harness.

Why do your clocks run on a single AA battery? Why not hook up to the electrical harness like factory clocks?

Simply put, the answer is cost. If we were to add the capability to draw power from the car harness into our design, we would need to add costs for that hardware, which would include a voltage regulator, studs to connect the clock to the power harness, wiring, etc. We want to keep our prices as low as possible to allow as many classic car owners the ability to have a good looking, factory looking clock that keeps accurate time.

If you own a concours car, then the “behind the dash” stuff matters and you should not buy an Impact clock. However, many classic car owners simply want to restore their car to a reasonable level of originality but to do so without breaking the bank. Most classic car repro clocks are at least $100 and often run as high as $300, which is ridiculous. Restoration services are also an option for the concours owner but also run in the hundreds of dollars. Based on Impact’s sales success to date, many car owners prefer a clock that looks like the original but can be had for a fraction of the competing prices and are willing to incur a few compromises (see answer to next question below for more on this.)

Again, if you are trying to build a concours car, then Impact clocks would not be a good fit for you. But because we try to price every one of our clocks at least 50% lower than the competition, for many owners buying an Impact clock is a very worthwhile trade-off.

What are the drawbacks of an Impact clock versus a factory or repro clock?

There are two answers to this question: one if you also purchase an optional AA battery harness and one if you buy the clock without the harness.

If you do not buy the harness, an Impact clock must be “uninstalled” whenever the battery needs to be replaced or the time needs to be reset. However, as stated above, the power draw of our clocks is so small that a single AA battery lasts for at least a year and sometimes much longer.

If you also buy the optional battery harness, the battery is no longer housed on the back of the clock. Instead, it is connected to a remote battery holder that can be placed anywhere in the car (just out of sight at the bottom of the dash is a popular location) with wires that run to the battery holder on the back of the clock. As a result, any time the battery needs to be replaced, it is done at the remote battery holder rather than on the back of the clock.

Of course, regardless of whether you use the harness or not, there are a few advantages to having the power drawn from a AA battery. Many repairs and restoration projects require owners to disconnect the car battery. If the clock is connected into the power harness, it stops every time the battery is disconnected, which means it needs to be reset. This problem does not exist with an Impact clock – the clock keeps working no matter how often you disconnect the car battery.

Do you offer any type of warranty on your clocks and parts?

Yes, every clock is guaranteed to work for at least one year. If you have any issues, just email me (address is below) -- we will gladly exchange it for you.

I see some non-clock parts being offered by Impact that I have never seen before? Are these legit?

Yes, these are legit parts that you will need if you are looking to install the clock correctly. For example, in a 1969-70 Mustang with Deluxe Interior, every clock has a plastic spacer (it looks like a large ring of plastic with a deeply angled cut on one side) that sits between the front of the clock and the clear plastic lens. The spacer allows the front of the clock to match the curved contours of the passenger side dash even though the clock face is perfectly straight. It’s not technically a clock, but it is a part you need to properly install the clock.

I don’t see any other manufacturers producing some of the parts you offer. Why is that?

Some of our parts are not being offered by anyone else and – at least for now – Impact is the only supplier. This allows classic car owners to install new parts rather than reuse original parts that are faded and very brittle and thus prone to breaking.

Where are your clocks and other parts manufactured?

Our clocks are 100% designed and made in the USA (yes, including our quartz clock mechanisms.)

Who are Martha and Leo in your home page photo?

Martha is my 1968 Mustang Fastback that was bought new by my grandmother fifty years ago. I inherited Martha in 2017 and have loved restoring and driving her ever since.

Leo is a four year old Golden Retriever. He is the most awesome dog on the planet.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

The best way is to email me at jim@impactautopartsstore.com.

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