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Remote Battery Harness (All Models)

Item# remote-battery-harness-all-models
Produced exclusively for Impact Auto Parts clocks, this remote battery harness allows drivers to replace a dead AA battery without having to uninstall the clock. The AA battery used to power the clock is placed in a holder that can be placed anywhere a driver chooses (e.g., just out of sight at the bottom of the dash) and held in place with a velcro mount. The holder's electrical wires connect to the metal leads at the back of the clock so a AA battery is no longer required there. The battery at the back of the clock is replaced by a black plastic wedge that is identical in size to a battery and holds the leads in place, so no soldering is required.

Eighteen inches of wiring and connectors will be included. Wiring can be cut to length to match your specific needs. Crimping is required to connect the wires and the metal spade and butt connectors.

With a little bit of patience, this harness can also be used to reset the time (e.g., for a spring or fall hourly time change). Simply uninstall the battery until the time on the clock matches the actual time and reinsert the battery.

This harness works on all Impact Auto Parts clocks.
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